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Saw Trades Update January 2017
« on: January 19, 2017, 01:01:24 PM »
  Saw Trades Update January 2017
  Happy New Years to everyone; here we go again, the Softwood Trade Agreement with the US in the forefront; & beetle kill timber having an even greater impact on our BC lumber industry forcing cutbacks on logging having negative effect on our industry. 
   We are continuing to forge ahead with our Saw Trades program. In the past year, good progress has been made with the exam banks directly resulting in success stories for our Apprentices achieving their C of Q in the trade. Also, great news with much anticipated Bench course scheduled for late 2017… see course dates below. Greg Daykin / TRU Saw Trades Instructor is currently putting together the course curriculum, daily lesson plans & asking filers for various “videos” on specific tasks performed by Sawfilers such as; heatline bandsaws, cross lining band mills, grind band mill wheels… The search continues for an Instructor to replace Greg who wants to retire but has thankfully stayed on to teach the course and work on the Bench level.
  I have recently connected with Jeff Roos / Senior Manager - IFLRA & Finbar O’Sullivan / ITA Regional Apprentice Advisor for Okanogan. They have both been working on the saw trades program to help with some of the challenges and are a tremendous resource.

Materials / Equipment still needed for TRU Sawfilers Trade School:
-    complete Knee off newer Headsaw carriage or even a small complete carriage (for Bench program)   
-    6”- 8” Norpac bandsaw guides & 4 pin guide mounts (for Bench program)
-    Still in need of a Pony (board) Edger (for Sawfiler program)       
             …check your boneyards!  (TRU will issue a tax receipt for donated equipment.)
•   Lindsay Langill (former TRU Dean) has moved on; see attached updated Contacts List for his replacement. 
•   Tracey MacLennan (Manager Industry Relations @ ITA) has moved on; see update to contacts

2017 Scheduled Sawfiler Couse dates @ TRU Williams Lake BC:
 Level 1:  March 27, 2017 – May 5, 2017
 Level 2:   May 8, 2017 – June 2, 2017
Benchperson: June 5, 2017 – June 30, 2017
 Level 1:    September 11, 2017 – October 20, 2017
 Level 2:   October 23, 2017 – November 17, 2017

ITA’s (Industry Training Authority) website –
ITA Apprenticeship Advisors (AAs) – Located throughout BC, the AA’s can provide guidance and support to apprentices and employer sponsors:

•   Program Outline – Provides guidelines for the delivery of technical training.
•   Program Profile – Describes the certification requirements for apprentices and challengers.
•   Exam Weighting Chart – Shows the approximate percentage of weighting per General Area of Competency (GAC).
•   Saw Filer webpage – Saw Filer | ITA BC
•   Benchperson webpage – Saw Filer Endorsement: Benchperson | ITA BC
•   Trades Training BC - Saw Filer - Apprenticeship Schedules

Queen’s Printer – Saw Filer Manuals are available for purchase at:
•   Web –
•   Email –

TRU (Thompson River University)
BC Saw Filer’s Association –

If Apprentices or their Supervisor / Headfiler… or those who wish to challenge an exam, have any questions about the school or need help with their enrolment; don’t hesitate to call the appropriate person on the provided contact list. On Apprentiship related questions, first contact ITA’s Customer Service or the Regional Apprenticeship Advisors

  Please forward / share / print copies for any that may be interested. If you would like to see something included in these Newsletters send me a email.
If you wish to be removed from these updates, please let me know.


John Hebert
Head Sawfiler
Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Phone: 250-768-6231
Cell:      250-870-1960

         List of Contacts
Rieghardt Van Enter   Director Industry Relations
Office   604-512-3199
Cel   778-327-5920

Collen Rogan   Manager Program Standards
Office   778-327-5889
Cel   778-388-7473

Jeff Roos   Senior Manager / IFLRA
Office   250-860-3592

Finbar Osullivan   Regional Apprentiship Advisor
Office   250-808-9352

Greg Daykin   Saw Trades Instructor
Office   250-392-8113
Cel   250-617-9553

Julie Dekowny   Apprentiship Co-ordinator
Office   250-371-5659

Thomas Haag   Apprentiship  Co-Chairperson
Office   250-828-5119

Peter Poescheck   Apprentiship Co-Chairperson
Office    250-828-5113

Baldev Pooni   Interim Dean of Trades
Office   250-828-5110
Cel   250-574-8977

Martin Vatkin   BC Sawfilers President
Office   250-679-3234
Cel   250-833-2452

Trevor Shpeley   BC Sawfilers Secretary
Office   250-470-4310
Cel   250-542-7184

John Hebert   Gorman Bros Lumber
Office   250-768-6231
Cel   250-870-1960